Evaluations & Assessment Services
We help individuals and families answer questions regarding behavioral, emotional, and/or developmental challenges. Together, we establish targeted treatment plans and identify appropriate community resources.

  • Assessment of individual psychotherapy or behavioral intervention needs for adults & children

  • Assessment of Parent-Infant/Toddler Intervention needs

  • Diagnostic Evaluations for Children regarding:
                          Developmental Concerns
                          Behavioral Challenges
                          Learning and School Difficulties
                          Attention Issues
                          Psychological and Adjustment Disorders

  • Consultation on:
                          Understanding your child’s development
                          Developing healthy parent/child relationships
                          Sleeping or eating difficulties
                          Inconsolable crying (colic)
                          Adoption or foster care issues
                          Conflict between caregivers or family members
                          Effects of trauma or neglect in the family
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